Marvel’s Wolverine: Insomniac may have hired Steve Blum – Rumour


Insomniac may have hired Steve Blum, historical voice actor of the character, for the development of Marvel’s Wolverine on PS5.

Work on Marvel’s Wolverine continues in the utmost secrecy , but some speculation points to the fact that Insomniac may have hired Steve Blum , the historical voice actor of the character in several animated series, who should clearly interpret the protagonist of the game.

It all started with a video posted by Blum on Instagram a few weeks ago, in which we see the actor with the classic motion capture devices applied to his face and body, talking about a project he participated in some time ago. Blum specifically reported that he took part in the development of a video game, on which, however, he has signed a non-disclosure agreement so he cannot report anything specific.

In the message, he also refers to the actor Roger Craig Smith, another well-known voice actor in the field. To tell the truth, the clues end here, namely the fact that the actor known for giving the voice to Wolverine in numerous animated series has recently worked on a secret video game, also lending itself to motion capture.

However, it is easy to understand how the rumor that connects it to Marvel’s Wolverine can come out of such a weak test, considering that work on the game has been underway for some time and that news about it should emerge in the next period.


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